Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Elmo's Healthy Heroes Review!

We took the boys to see Elmo's Healthy Heroes on Saturday. I think they really enjoyed it! They were both clapping, laughing and dancing to the music! The story is about Super Grover who loses his super powers. Elmo and his Healthy Heroes, Telly, Abby, Zoey and Rocky (Zoe's Rock), team up to teach Grover all about nutrition, hygiene, and exercise.

I think my boys favorite part was when Oscar the Grouch turned Elmo's World into Oscar's World. It was all green and dirty. Still today my 2 year old tells me that Oscar is dirty and needs a bath. I really think he learned a thing or two from this show. He wants to brush his hair like Bert and take a bath like Ernie.

He was mesmerized. Elmo was right in front of him!

I think it's fair to say they really enjoyed the show! They did start to get a little antsy after awhile. But nothing a few snacks couldn't fix. Most of the audience was getting a bit antsy. I was really glad there was a 15 minute intermission.
Mr. Destructo sitting still and enjoying the show.
One thing I thought was interesting was that the show was about eating healthy and they were walking around selling popcorn and cotton candy, soda, and some sort of red drink (I saw lots of little red faces afterwards). Just thought it was interesting.

The boys dressed in their Sesame Street gear.

Thank you to US Family Guide for giving us the opportunity to see this show! Thank You!!

Disclaimer: We were provided 2 tickets by USFG to go and see the show. All opinions are mine and are not swayed by anyone.

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  1. It was a great show with a great message! Perhaps a tad long for toddlers, but a great length for those just a bit older. Everyone seemed to have a great time and the employees were very patient with the little ones.


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