Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Ultimate Family Vacation! (according to me!)

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Hmm, my ultimate family vacation? Well I think that would depend on how old my boys are when we take this Ultimate Vacation. Since we have just come home from vacation, it is all fresh in my mind. Having boys aged 1 and 2, vacation was hard! I'm not gonna lie.

I guess it's time to drift off into dreamland for a few minutes. Would you like to join me?

Assuming money was no object, I think going on a vacation to say Disney World when they are 5 and 6 would be pretty awesome!
photo courtesy of Disney
We'd stay in one of the fancy Disney theme resorts for sure! The Disney Animal Kingdom Villa in Kadani Village would be awesome! The amenities in this place are amazing! Having a Savannah view room would be sweet! Blue Eyes and Mr. Destructo are animal lovers and I can only imagine how excited they would be to see giraffes wandering around in front of their eyes!

We'd probably have to stay awhile just to do all the things they have at the park. It would be great to get some pampering for my husband too at some point. Don't let them fool you, guys like to be taken care of too! Not manis and pedis but a nice massage or a soak in a jacuzzi would be perfect for him! \ He works pretty hard for us to have a pretty great life, he deserves that!

Also, I heard that dining with the characters is a great experience. Something like Chef Mickey's would be pretty cool! Mr. Destructo loves "mick mouse"! We would definitely have to do that too!

I also think it would be pretty awesome to renew our wedding vows at Disney. Have you seen what they can do there? Oh my!  We had a very small wedding at a local park here and only my family was there. I would love to be able to have my husbands family be able to attend! To have a beautiful dress, a fancy tux and my boys dressed handsomly would be awesome. But this post is about a dream vacation not a dream wedding. lol.

I think the boys would really enjoy Disney and my husband has never been. That would definitely be an ultimate vacation for my family! Ahh. Time to stop dreaming. The kids are up from nap time and the roofers sound like they are about to come through my ceiling. Thanks for dreaming along with me!

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