Saturday, July 31, 2010

Target Clearance!

Target is having their Toy Clearance sale going on right now! I've always been jealous of what some people find at their Targets while my Target has been picked over and has hardly anything good. Not today however! Today I scored what I think to be a jackpot! I picked up a birthday and a Christmas gift for Mr. Destructo today!

I found a V. Smile TV learning System originally $40 on sale for $10! The only thing I worry about this is that I won't be able to find extra cartridges since they have since come out with the V. Motion. But even if he only plays with whatever comes with it, then I think it will be just fine!

I also found a Fisher Price Computer Cool School. It was orignially $55 on sale for $13! Brian has shown an interest in my computer lately so I am hoping he will like this and leave my keyboard alone! This one was opened once, so I took it out during nap to make sure all was intact and played with it for a bit! He's gonna like it, I think.

 Head on out to Target and see what you can find, come back and tell me what you find!


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