Monday, July 26, 2010

Keeping the house cool is hard!

I absolutely, positively, hate strongly dislike (my momma taught me not to say hate) the 2 skylights we have in our living room! They have been trouble ever since we moved in! Starting with a leak the very first day we bought the house in the middle of the November Nor'easter. I hate them the most when it's incredibly hot (116!?) and the sun shines right down on this part of the roof. If I had my way I would take them out and install solar panels. It gets so much sun we could power the whole house. Anyways, back to what I'm trying to tell you.

We could have gotten some fancy skylight shades. They are remote controlled, fancy, pretty, oh and EXPENSIVE!!! At $148 for 1 that was NOT in our budget.

Here is our budget way to fix our skylight issues. We had to keep the heat and light out and we had to do it right that minute. There was no time (or money) to go get something fancy. Time to use whatever we had around to get the job done!

We had picked up some Reflectix at Lowes a few days back to put up in our attic. It looks and feels like a double layer of bubble wrap coated in foil on teh front and the back. It's light weight and flexible. It was about $15 for a roll. And we used a roll of duct tape, although foil tape would have been better. We used about half of the roll. It easily cut with a pair of scissors.

Hubby measured the length and the width of the skylight and cut the Reflectix to the right length. We had to tape two pieces together to get the right width.

Once we got it together it was just a matter of stuffing it up into the skylight. It only took a few minutes and we did it while we had two toddlers under foot. It was super easy!

Now our living room is actually cool and our AC can finally keep up again! It doesn't look pretty but it works! We'll take it down once the heat is gone and let the winter sun shine in.

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  1. Aagh! Sky Lights. Love 'em and Hate 'em. Looks like you fixed the problem for little money! That's awesome!


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