Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chick-fil-a Spicy VIP and our experience

You may have heard of the special promotion Chick-fil-a was doing with their soon to be released Spicy Chicken Sandwich. A few weeks ago we signed up and reserved our Spicy Chicken Sandwiches for today.

When we got to the parking lot it was packed! There were only two parking spots left and the drive through was long. We saw 2 girls with notepads and a menu in their hands and they were going car to car taking orders. They then gave the driver this piece of paper. When they drove up they handed the paper to another girl with a special portable computer thing and she was putting in the orders right there. I was amazed how fast the line in the drive through was moving. We probably saw at least 4 people give their orders before we even got from the car to the door. I was impressed.

The line indoors wasn't any shorter. They had all of their registers open, about 3 or 4 of them. All of them had at least 4 people in line and many tables were taken. We were a little anxious with all the people in line that it would take too long. Especially since neither kid was in a stroller. But to my surprise the line was moving and there were no problems. The cashiers all seemed to know what they were doing and none of them seemed flustered by the amount of people. I handed over our VIP reservation papers and ordered some other food and it was ready in minutes. Since I had Blue Eyes in my hands, the cashier called over to the "VIP attendant" to help me carry our rather full tray and drinks.

We were seated in a special section, separate from the "normal" people. The tables were covered in table cloths, there were fancy menu books on the table (just like you would see in a sit down restaurant) and there was a vase filled with fresh cut flowers. We were often asked by the "VIP attendant" if we needed anything. She was very friendly and refilled drinks and cleared the tables. She even chased us down in the parking lot when Mr. Destructo left his airplane on the table.

The new Spicy Chicken Sandwich was really good! I don't usually eat much meat, just the occasional chicken. But this was actually pretty good! It was tender enough that I was able to cut it up into small pieces with a plastic butter knife but not mushy. It was juicy inside and the breading was crispy! It does have some kick to it and occasionally we would bite into an especially spicy part. My husband said if it had some ranch dressing or some blue cheese dressing on it it would be perfect! I think they have a ranch dipping sauce, next time we will ask for some of that to go on top. Everyone in our house approved of the new sandwich! I'm excited to get this again once it is part of it's regular menu on June 7th!

I just want to send a special thanks out to the Chesapeake Square Chick-fil-a for such a great experience!

Disclaimer: I reserved a special VIP sandwich through the Chik-fil-a website. I was not compensated for the review, nor was I asked to write one. All opinions are mine. I just wanted to let you know about our experience and the new sandwich.


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