Saturday, May 8, 2010

I am pleased to announce....

I am so happy to report that CAPPS (Craniosynostosis and Positional Plagiocephaly Support, Inc.) won the "Spread the Warmth" contest at The Sweatshirt Blanket!

Back in April they were nominated in the "Spread the Warmth" contest and had a whole post written up about the organization. The author did a great job and really did his homework! The post was linked on Twitter and Facebook!
In May, the nominations went to vote. It was pretty intense in the beginning. A lot of back and forth with the other great nominations. CAPPS kept it up and I am happy to say that CAPPS rocked the vote with 345 votes!! That is at least 345 people who are now aware of a birth defect that is all too common but to often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all!

I want to thank The Sweatshirt Blanket for their generosity! The prize for winning the contest was 12 adult size blankets with the CAPPS logo on them. The Sweatshirt Blanket has graciously decided to make 24 child sized blankets to give to the babies who are about to undergo surgery! What a great comfort item! This is a first for their company as they have never cut them down to size before!

Thank you again to all who voted! And a HUGE thank you to The Sweatshirt Blanket for offering up this great prize! If you haven't visited their website yet, check them out here. Feel free to order your own blanket. In the future there will likely be a fundraiser project held by CAPPS so that they may continue to spread awareness. If you are interested in other fundraiser projects CAPPS is doing at the moment, let me know and I can direct you.

To learn more about Craniosynostosis or Positional Plagiocephaly visit You can also watch a video of my families personal journey here and a video featuring many children here.


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