Friday, May 7, 2010

"Honey-do" means Hubby hasn't!

The Honey-Do list is growing. With warm weather and sunny skies, now is the time "Honey" should be out "do"ing! But really where's the time? We are both so busy and/or tired to want to do anything.

I'm teaming up with TwitterMoms and ServiceLive Blogging Program. If you want to learn more about that, you can do so here! So here's my list of 5 "honey-do" things that never get done if anyone wants to come on out and do them for us? Maybe publishing my list will make more more likely to do it?
1. Steam Clean the carpets- Shoes are not allowed on the carpet, yet it's still dirty looking. We got these weird black spots everywhere. :(
2. Replace the vapor barrier under the house.
3. Add more insulation to parts of the attic.
4. Replace part of the leaning fence.
5. Weed and mulch the rest of the backyard.

I could also incude the fact that the bathrooms need to be totally redone including new counters, paint and some other work. But those more the more important 5!

So what's on your list? Feel free to join in the discussion.

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