Sunday, April 25, 2010

Questions about coupon clipping service.

I've never purchased coupons from the internet before. But I think it's time to try it out! There are three coupons that I so very much want! My question to all of you coupon shoppers is...

What is your favorite coupon clipping service?!
Do you use multiple services to get all of the coupons you want?


  1. Rachael at The Coupon Clippers is AWESOME. I highly recommend her. she has great coupons.

    Just wondering, what Q are you looking for? Something I might already have?

  2. grrrr aparently, my daughter Maggie has a Google acct too...

  3. I use and (I think..) but I also clip out of the Sunday paper and keep all those annoying coupons the grocery store gives you AFTER you pay. lol My biggest problem is that I dont plan my menu around the sales so I could save more but it just isnt me. LOL

    btw....tag youre it!
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