Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My little boys are growing up...

When we first moved into our new house, I couldn't wait to decorate the boys rooms! Both of my boys will eventually be in toddler beds. Did you know that toddler bedding is not easy to find in stores and if you do find it, it is pretty cheesy! Like Elmo or Diego. I love the bedding set I got for Mr. Destructo. It was so hard to find something dinosaur that wasn't cheesy. I love this one! It suits a little boy, but it will grow with him. I love the big boy colors! Not light blue and pale green, but dark red, tan, and olive green! Wanna see it? You might be jealous and want it for your dinosaur lover too.

Blue Eye's bedding set on the other hand... not liking it. I did his room in jungle/safari. I bought a set off of Ebay and I liked it a lot online! I liked it a little in person, and now that the ties for the bumper have all been popped off (after only 2 months of use), I don't like it at all! Not to mention that when I washed it the very first time all the colors ran together and no matter how much I tried to remedy it it didn't work. I even debated returning it. BUT... Auntie and Grandma to the rescue! Grandma got him super cute jungle sheets from the Tiddliwinks Jungle set. Auntie made these embroidered wall hangings and a pillow that match the sheets perfectly! Now, I love his jungle room again! See, aren't they awesome! I love that they will eventually be part of his toddler bed set up!
Remember all of those canvas pieces I bought? Well I bought paint in colors that coordinate with their bedding sets. I'm going to let the boys paint pictures for their room next weekend. Should be fun!
So what theme have you done in your little boy's room? Don't you love those wall hangings? Now that I have finished the letters for his room, I can hang it all up! I'll post a picture of it all soon!


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