Monday, April 12, 2010

Great Sale at Micheal's!

Michael's is having a great sale this week! A few things that I went in for were 2-pack Artist Canvas and acrylic paint.
  • 2-pack 18x24 Canvas $8.99 (Reg. $15.99)
  • 2-pack 16x20 Canvas $5.79 (Reg. $9.99)
  • 2-pack 11x14 Canvas $4.79 (Reg. $8.49)
  • 2-pack 8x10 Canvas $3.59 (Reg. $6.49)
That alone is a good deal! But there is also a 40% off coupon that is good on regular priced and sale priced canvas!
I purchased:

2-pack 16x20 = $5.79 x 2 = $11.58
2-pack 11x14= $4.79 x 2 = $ 9.58
2-pack 8x10= $3.59 x 2= $7.18
Use 40% off coupon here
Acryilic paint= $0.33 x 12= $3.96
Final Cost: 28.34- 40%= $17.00+ $3.96= $20.96+ tax.

$17 for 12 canvas' is about $1.41 a piece! Whoo hoo!

So what am I going to do with all of these? Well I might let the boys finger paint on them in coordinating colors with their rooms. That worked really well last time. I also might do fabric panels with them. That is super easy and a budget friendly way of adding color to a room!

Thanks Smart Couponing for posting the prices of the canvas.


  1. I'm totally going! Thanks so much for posting this! What are the rules for posting other peoples deals? Can I post this as long as I ask first, and then link back to you? Is that pretty standard for other bloggers too? I see other people post a lot of deals and then they have Thanks Soandso under the post that links back to their post about it.

  2. I need to get in there then, I love to do these for Father's Days!


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