Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aspiring chef, aspiring chef.....

I'd like to tell you this is a stock photo of Kosher Salt. You know one of those photos that you can get online to put in a blog post. Stick with me on this people. This is a 16 ounce box of Kosher Salt. I use it to bake my homemade bread. It's delicious by the way. This week I was planning some Cinnamon Rolls. Mmmm.
But this isn't a stock photo. In fact this is a photo I just took. Let me zoom out a bit.

This is my kitchen floor. A floor with 15 ounces of Kosher Salt on it. I guess Mr. Destructo thought he would "help" me in the kitchen. I keep reminding myself that maybe he's a fantastic chef in the making. You know, starting him out early. This isn't the first or even the second time he's done something like this. Remember the Blackening Seasoning incident? About 4 days after that mess, we had a Black Pepper mess. I should have seen this coming. When I was pregnant with him I watched a lot of Rachael Ray. When he was an infant, we both watched Rachael Ray and he really liked her. Maybe I shouldn't have watched her so much! Again, reminding myself, he's going to be a great cook one day! I guess I better find a coupon for some more Kosher Salt. Too bad I just got home from the grocery store. Sigh, another day in a house with 2 little boys.


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