Monday, March 8, 2010

Tommee Tippee Sippy Cup Review

In a house with two little boys, my cabinets are filled with sippy cups. Some of the cups are terrible (but I can't seem to throw them away), some are favorites. Our goal with each child was to have them on sippy cups full time by a year old. Mr. Destructo had no problem switching over. But Blue Eyes was refusing every cup I tried. Then we were given the opportunity to try the Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups! We received 2 explora trainer cups and 2 explora sippy cups.
Mr. Destructo took to his new cup with no problems. He really likes the bright colors and he loves the "harpane" (airplane) on his cup.
Blue Eyes surprisingly took to the cup alright. The first time I attempted to give it to him he wanted nothing to do with it. But he was really upset at the time. I just gave him his normal bottle. After dinner I tried introducing the new cup again and he took to it just fine. I think that he was too hungry for something new the first time. Since then, he has had no problems with it.

  • Easy to clean- Just pop off the valve and wash with soapy water. Super simple!
  • BPA free- None of the chemicals that moms worry about.
  • Interchangeable lids- The lids and valves fit both kinds of cups.
  • Leak proof- No matter how much shaking, nothing came out.
  • Protective cap- I love the cap especially when we are playing outside!
  • Easy to hold handles- Blue Eyes was easily able to hold on to it.
  • Neither kid can seem to get all of their drink from the cup. There is always a couple swallows left. this really upset Mr. Destructo at times. 
  • Blue Eyes always get the burps after he drinks from his cup. I think because he gets a mix of air and drink near the end.
Overall, I like the cups. They are super affordable too. At $4.99 for the trainer cup and $7.99 for the sippy cup, they are a good value. They are durable, good quality materials.

Buy it! Tommee Tippee also sells bottles, a straw cup, a drinking cup, and a water bottle. All of them are spill proof and leak proof. They also have bowls, food cups, mats, and utensils. All of them are priced very reasonably. Check them out!


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