Thursday, March 25, 2010

Readeo Review and discount!

I was recently contacted by Readeo to do a review of their website. Readeo provides an opportunity to allow kiddos and their families to read books together online via webcam! When we were given this opportunity I was so excited!
I am friends with many moms online that I met through a message board and our kids were all born in the same month. I love that Mr. Destructo can now read books with his fellow 2 year old friends! We read a couple of books with a few of his friends and he had a blast! Sometimes I think he was a bit distracted by seeing the other little boy on the screen but at the same time he still was looking at the book and telling his friend about it. It was really cute to watch them together! One of the moms we read with said, "They can't tear or chew on them!" So very true!
(this is not us, but a shot from their website)
This is also a great way for kids to interact with distant grandparents. Being that my husband's family is half way across the country, the boys don't get to see Grandma very often. Now she can read a bedtime story with them!
This would also be super awesome if a parent was deployed overseas or on business!
They have books for all age levels. My son is 2 and I worried at first that there wouldn't be a good selection. I was wrong. He has 14 books in this online library. His favorite one is "Rhyming Dust Bunnies"!
We did have a minor technical difficulty connecting the first time with a friend, but their online chat support team member was great and he had us on track very quickly! Thumbs up to that guy! (I wish I remembered his name so I could give him a shout out!)
How much does it cost?
You can sign up as a guest and it's FREE or you can become a member for $9.95 a month of $99.95 for a year. The biggest difference is that members can read any book with anyone and guest can only read the book of the month unless they are reading with a member. 
Right now during the month of March they are offering a discount! They are offering a 50% off discount until March 31st! For 1 year of member benefits it only cost $49.95. It averages out to be about $4.16 a month. (I spent more than that on coffee and donuts the other day.) I really did enjoy doing this with my boys and their friends and family! Thank you to the folks at Readeo for providing such a great opportunity.

I would love to know if you sign up! Let me know if you and your little one would be interested in book chatting with us!

Disclaimer: Readeo provided my family a free 3 month membership to try out their website. All opinions are mine. No money was exchanged.


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