Sunday, March 14, 2010

Movie Deal! I knew it!

Remember when I told you earlier this week there would probably be a good movie deal this week? I knew it! Best Buy has The Princess and the Frog on Blu-Ray DVD for $26.99. When you combine that with the $10 coupon and the $5 Band-Aid rebate you are down to $11.99. BUT you can also pair that with a $5 Frog Tape Rebate. Bringing your total to $6.99

Target has it on sale for the same price! You can use all of those rebates at Target too! Pair all of those deals with 2 $1 off Band-Aid Target Coupons and 2 .50 off Band-Aid Manufacturers coupons to get the Band-Aid for a great price. I recently saw certain characters on sale so I'm sure it would make a good price!

Each rebate says that photocopies of your receipt are acceptable and Disney Movies come with 2 proof of purchase tabs on the back!

I will probably get this movie for my kids but not do the tape rebate. $11.99 is a good price for a Blu-Ray movie!


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