Friday, March 19, 2010

Mega Swagbucks day!

Search & Win
It's Mega Swagbucks Day! They give out between 30 and 1000 swagbucks for every win!
Are you signed up for Swagbucks yet?

You might be wondering "What is Swagbucks?"
Swagbucks is a search engine powered by Google that rewards your searches with swagbucks! You already search the internet, why not earn some free swag while you are at it? Sign up here and you will get 30 free swagbucks just for signing up! I don't get spammed or anything! Totally legit!
Now you might be thinking, "Ok, I'll do it. How does it work?"
To earn swagbucks you just search like you do on any other  search engine through the Swagbucks site or the toolbar. If you searched the right thing, you win swagbucks! They range from 10-30 bucks and sometimes higher. Not all searches will reward you but you can typically get about 20 bucks a day. Also you should download the toolbar, you can search right from there and sometimes they leave you messages with free swagbucks in it! Also following them on twitter will help you get some codes and being their friend on Facebook will help you out.
And finally, "I've earned Swagbucks,what do I do now?"
Cash them in! You can cash them in for all sorts of things but the most popular thing is a $5 Amazon gift card. They are only 450 bucks. I've heard of people buying all of their Christmas gifts with Amazon gift cards earned though Swagbucks! Awesome!


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