Monday, March 15, 2010

Live Simply Children's Health Journals and discount code!

I was recently introduced to Live Simply, a great company run by a pair of sisters. I talked to one of them for about an hour today and she is awesome! She created a customizable children's health journal after taking her daughter to the doctor multiple times for ear infections.
Here is what they have to say about their journal:
Live Simply, LLC has created this comprehensive children’s health journal to document your child’s ongoing health care from birth to eighteen years of age.  It is suggested you use this journal for record-keeping and a reference guide for all your child’s health care needs.  Our goal is to ensure, as busy parents, you are able to live simply. 
Ever since our son was diagnosed and had had surgery, tracking his medical records is much more important. This journal really helps to become organized and to have the important dates readily available.
Here are some of the tabs that are included and how I think they will be useful:
  • Family Health History- This should make it easy to fill out those Family Health Forms a hundred times!
  • Child's Medical Health History- record doctor visits (and for us surgery dates)
  • Wellness Checkup- record heights and weights (especially important for those super cute baby books, the ones I still haven't finished)
  • Sick Day Record- A convenient place to record every time you take your child's temperature so that you have those numbers when you talk to a doctor!
  • Allergy Record- What triggered those allergies? Helpful for figuring out what your child may be allergic to and how to remedy it.
  • Specialist Record- Especially great for that child (like ours) who has to see a couple of specialist. You can track the dates, diagnosis, and follow up.
  • Dental Record- record your child's dental info such as any future need for braces. (The thought of braces scares me!)
  • Vision Record- A great place to keep that prescription number handy. I hear kids need those glasses replaced a lot when in school! That scares me too.   
  • Financial Summary- Ahhh, a place to track how much you have spent on your child. Especially when mine comes up to me in 16 years saying he wants something on his head pierced. At that point I will whip out the journal and show him how much I have paid to get his head to look this good and that he WILL NOT mess it up!
This really is a great resource to have on hand for anyone taking care of your child, whether that be a grandparent, babysitter, or day care worker. It is made sturdily so that it can be thrown into a diaper bag as you run out to the pediatrician. With 150 pages, it is meant to grow with your child until the age of 18 or when you decide to let them have it.

Head on over to Live Simply and take a look at their super stylish journal. At $19.95 it is a great book and certainly not a bad price! They would also make great baby shower gifts for that expectant mom! 
BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE (did I sound like Billy Mays, I think so) 
My readers can use the code CAPPS10 to get 10% off their purchase! I really do think this is a pretty cool product. If you purchase this health journal I would love to know about it! Come back here and let me know how you like it!

I was not offered any money for this post. I truly think these ladies are awesome and just wanted to bring them to your attention.  


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