Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I paid .06 for my grocery's today!

I love getting paid to shop!!!!! And today was no exception! I got my coupons and one of my kids (no I didn't leave the other one alone, Daddy was home) and headed out to Farm Fresh for our weekly grocery shopping! I had to do 2 transactions because of the number of coupons I had to use. Here is what I got  in the first transaction:

2 boxes of Capri Sun, 6 cans of Hunt's Tomatos, 3 cans of Manwhich, 2 packs of DanActive, 2 packs of Danimals Crush Cups, 2 Dan-o-nino packs, 2 packs of Activia (not pictured, they found a new home) and 10 dollars!

My total before coupons was $29.36 not including tax,
I used $29.76 in coupons
Bringing my total to  -.40
Add in VA State Tax of .46
My grand total after coupons was.... .06!!!
I had a savings of 101%
I brought home $10 minus my .06.
How did that happen you might ask?
Not only did I use my coupons, but I also had a store coupon from last week good for $7 off my next purchase since I bought their promotional items. I should have received a Catalina coupon for $10 off of my next purchase but since it didn't print, they gave me $10 from the drawer. Even if I hadn't used that $7 off catalina, I would have paid $7.06 and then received $10 and made $2.94. I would have paid less since Farm Fresh gives .5 off for every reusable bag that you use, but the cashier forgot. Oh well.  I love getting paid to shop!

So now I want to know, have you ever had a good shopping trip like this?


  1. WOW. So proud of you. I love hearing stories like this. I am so glad you posted proof beacuse when I tell my friends about how I do it they never believe me. WELL DONE!!!

  2. Thanks! I love the part of the receipt that says "subtotal -.04" That just makes me laugh!

  3. Jaime,
    WAY TO GO!!! You did AWESOME! I wanted to go so badly today, but I feel awful!!! I think I will head to the downtown Norfolk location that doubles dollars everyday. That will help me!

    WAY TO GO!!!

  4. Awesome! I wish there was a store like that in Alabama so I could save as good as your trip only paying 6 cents.

  5. Lori, I hope you are feeling better soon! BTW- I think my kids hate The Hampton Roads Show. Every time I try to watch you on Tuesday it is just complete melt down in the house! I have to hold them both just so I can hear. I'm kinda glad you only come on once a week for just a few minutes. I couldn't hold a 1 and a 2 year old much longer!

  6. Never had anyone give me money out of the register before! hehe. Great job!

  7. Nothing near this good! That's AMAZING!!! Do you buy multiple papers? Do you order coupons from ebay or coupon clipping services? I want to become a coupon master! ;)

  8. I have not ever seen such a huge savings! That is amazing. I think Im feeling inspired!

  9. More than a Mom- I do buy multiple papers. I usually have at least 3, sometimes as many as 6 or more. I have never ordered from a service. Maybe I will try that one day.


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