Saturday, March 6, 2010

A fun free activity for kids

Yesterday the firetrucks were at my neighbors house dealing with a small fire started by an unattended candle. Being that Mr. Destructo loves trucks of all kinds, I thought knew he would be super excited to see them right in front of our house! I was right! He was sooooo excited. I took him outside after the initial commotion was over and the nice firefighter showed Mr. Destructo the truck! She even said he could sit in it! HOLY COW, my son was excited! As loud as the truck was I could still here him laughing and yelling! It was so funny! Of course, I ran in the house to get the camera and broke my already falling apart camera card. I got the next best thing which was a cell phone camera. She let both boys sit on the front bumper too! Blue Eyes cried so she said she would hold him for the picture. It was so great. She saw how excited Mr.Destructo got and mentioned to me that the kids are welcome at the firehouse anytime! They will show them around and let them climb up on the trucks and sit inside. Depending on what is going on they can help wash the truck! I can't wait until summer time to take him up to the firehouse! Kudos to the our local fire station for their fast response and friendliness to my boys!

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