Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eagle Cam- watch the eaglets hatch!

Here is a super fun and educational thing to do, best of all it's free!
The eaglets at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens are beginning to hatch! The mom laid 3 eggs in late January-early February after they got a good 6 inches of snowed dumped on them! The first egg hatched at 1:10pm this afternoon.
My family and I have gone to the Gardens and have seen the nest first hand. It is huge! This eagle family has been here for a few years now. It is pretty exciting to watch!
You can watch the eagles 24/7 on Eagle Cam! There is also a live chat that you can participate in and ask the experts whatever questions you have!
Here is another great resource by DGIF with good educational information!
And here is a forum with hourly observations and photos.
I encourage you to go watch the Mom, Dad, and the babies as they hatch one by one!


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