Friday, March 26, 2010

CPR Carpet Cleaner review and giveaway! EVERYONE'S A WINNER!

I was given the opportunity to review Leather CPR's Carpet Cleaner recently. I figured I'd give it a shot since I suddenly had all of these weird black spots all over our carpet. (I was not happy about that) I found 2 spots, one I used my favorite spot cleaner and the other I used CPR. Here is the before shot:
Here is the results after:
IT WORKED! I was impressed! I really didn't think that it would do as well as the other but it did!

Buy It!
You can purchase a bottle of CPR Carpet cleaner by going to their website! The bottle sells for just under $10.

Try It!

Everyone can get themselves a free sample of CPR carpet cleaner by going here. When you fill out the form let them know that you saw this on I have a coupon for that! There is a contest going on amongst the bloggers to see how many people they refer! The person with the most wins a cleaning prize pack! Samples are limited, get yours soon!


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