Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bop-It and Monopoly for $1!

I heard about a deal at Target. But before posting it, I wanted to see if it worked without the beeps. I hate getting beeped!
Target has Bop-It and Connect 4 for $14 plus you get a Monopoly card game for free with the purchase of $10 worth of Hasbro games.
I picked up the Bop-It and the card game and headed to check out.
I used a $5 off Bop-it coupon,
a $5 off Monopoly Game coupon
and a $3 off Hasbro game Target coupon.
My total came to... $1.55 including tax!
Whoo Hoo! I like the game Bop-It! Although we already have the Monopoly game, it will make a good gift for a birthday or for a stocking stuffer at some point.
Here is the coupon for Connect 4. If you get that instead of Bop-it, your total will be a little over $2.


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