Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mr. Destructo!

For awhile now we have called our 2 year old Mr. Destructo because he can destroy something in a heartbeat. No kidding. The only thing he is ever gentle with is his little brother. Well tonight he proved his name. I went and got him from his nap and I discovered the damage....


You might think that these are just the individual mini blinds that are broken. We expected that would happen, that's the reason we bought cheap blinds. What I didn't expect was that he would break that thick plastic piece at the very bottom that is used to weigh the blinds down! This is what I saw that shocked me!

I cannot believe that a 2 year old broke that! I wanted to be mad at him, but at the same time I was impressed! How does one little boy have that much strength to break that. I am still amazed. Boys will be boys.
I really don't like when my stuff get's messed up. I was the kind of kid who didn't take her dump truck outside to play in the sand (like it was meant for) because I didn't want it to get dirty and the wheels to get all scratched up. I know, it's weird. Here I am today with two boys. I guess I better get used to things around the house getting broken. It is inevitable. So from here on out, Brian, my 2 year old, will be forever called Mr. Destructo.


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