Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Blue Eyes!

Today is my baby's birthday! He is 1! He had an adventurous year! One adventure I could have lived without but thankful to take it with him and come out on the other end. He started his journey at 9:45am, after only torturing me for 3 hours. Thank you Blue Eyes.

A few days after leaving the hospital, he was put right back in for his jaundice. Luckily he wasn't there long. Just long enough to pee and poo on the male nurse every single time he came in to check his temperature.

He was event free for the next couple of months. His brother learned to "be easy", a feat of its own when you are talking about an 18 month old. The adventure really picked up at about 9 months when he faced an upcoming surgery. You can read more about that and watch a video here. We never expected it and felt totally blindsided. But he was diagnosed and it was fixed in about a months time. I'm so glad it was over with quickly!

Now, here we are celebrating his first birthday. I hate to admit it, but back then we weren't even sure if he would make it through his surgery to even have a birthday. Now he's a cruising, babble box. Happy Birthday Blue Eyes. We love you!

On a side note, we are preparing for Nathan's birthday party so my posting will be limited. I am a wife and a mom first, blogger second. Thanks for understanding.


  1. Aww....Happy Birthday to your baby boy :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your Little Blue eyes!

  3. Happy Birthday to your handsome little man!!

    Jenny D. (ladybugsatx75)

  4. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I showed him every single one!


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