Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fun Valentine's Day Craft

I am trying to start doing more crafts with my toddler. When I was pregnant with our first son, I was so excited to be able to do crafty things with him when he got older. We tried a few things here and there during his first year and realized he wasn't quite ready for crafts just yet. Then I got pregnant with our second son. Anything crafty just flew out the window. I was either to tired or to stressed to even think about making a craft mess. Well here we are about to celebrate our second child's first birthday. Crafty thing are starting to seep into my mind once again. With Valentine's Day around the corner I figured we would start our craft journey there!

I headed out to Michael's on Friday. I knew we would probably be snowed in again this weekend and figured we would try our hand at a project. I figured we would make some picture frames. I picked up 1 plain wooden frames ($1) and a bag of foam sticker hearts ($2.99). I also used a 40% off coupon bringing my total to about $2.75 or so.

I was right, we were snowed in this afternoon. By snowed in, I mean we had about an inch of snow. I know that isn't a big deal for those of you in Minneapolis or Colorado, but here in Virginia that is a big deal! We don't get snow here every year but we got hit last weekend and this weekend! Anyways back to my story. So it's snowy, windy, and just plain yucky today. I got all of the supplies together and asked the toddler if he wanted to paint. OOPS, big mistake!!! I had already painted the frame white and I didn't mean "paint" I meant "play with stickers". That little mistake led to tears and a temper tantrum and "PAAAAAAINNNNNNNTTTTTT" Why oh why did I do that!? Eventually he calmed down and he was very excited to see the stickers. He sat in his chair for about 30 minutes trying to peel the backing off and sticking them on his frame. My toddler does NOT sit still for even a few minutes, so this was a big accomplishment for us! I think he may finally be old enough to start doing some projects with me! Here is what he made for his momma!

1 wooden fram
1 bag of foam stickers
acrylic paint (white)
foam paint brush

Total cost: $2.75 not including the white paint and paint brush which I had on hand

Ages: 2 and up

1. Paint frame and let dry
2. Stick on stickers
Told you it was easy!


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