Saturday, February 13, 2010

$100 coupon book for P&G products!

P&G has a great promotion going on. If you purchase $50 worth of P&G products, they will send you a coupon book with $100 worth of coupons inside. You DO NOT have to purchase all $50 in one transaction. All purchases must be made between February 1st and April 15th. (In the fine print it says "before taxes and coupons") Once you have your receipts, circle the products and mail it in. In about 6-8 weeks you will receive your coupon book! Since the deal is before coupons, use those great coupons that come in the Sunday paper the first weekend of the month! Also, some stores like Farm Fresh often have promotions going that give you $5 off when you purchase $20 in P&G products. Use that to your advantage! Some P&G items are Pampers, Tide, Olay, and Cover Girl. For me, I am terrible about saving receipts to mail in. They usually get lost in the bottom of my purse. I started putting an envelope on the fridge and when I get home from the store I put the receipt right into the envelope. It's been working so far!

Big thanks goes out to Brandi at FreeSampleFreak for this one!


  1. Where does it say before coupons the form i printed does not say anything about before coupons!

  2. Never mind, see the comment about coupons...its really tiny! and on the blue side i was looking at additional terms!


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