Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A note of where I've been

So I've been absent lately. Where have I been? What have I been doing? Can I just first say that stressed is not even a good word for what I am these days?
First week of November
Well first of all we closed on our new house! YAY! After we closed on our house, we went to check it out again. That is when we found the floor wet. The roof had leaked! YAY! We just bought a house with a leaky roof. No worries, the seller was going to fix it! Then that night my husband deployed out to sea for about 2 weeks. I was busy painting and keeping an eye on some repair people. The first team out to fix the roof failed. We found out the next day when it rained. Then we saw the weather report. Nor'easter heading our way! 3 straight days of heavy non stop rain expected. Oh great....
Second week of November
So finally another set of guys comes out. The rain was forecasted to start that night. The guys work on it for about an hour and leave. I'm not taking any chances! I pulled down the shower curtains and made a nice pool under the leak just in case. I cam eback the next morning (in the pourning rain) and NO LEAKS!!! WHOO HOO! My husband came home finally and he loved the paint job that I did! Big accomplishment. This guy thought everything should have been left white (I think he fears color). Big surprise for him when I painted the bottom half of the kitchen a reddish color! He loved it!
Third week of November
After some moving troubles (like U-haul not having a truck for us like we reserved) and a couple weekends we finally got moved in.
Last week of November
Finally moved all in and cleaned up the rental and closed us out of there. That's when I got the great idea to host my son, Brian's, 2nd birthday party in the middle of December!
Then there was Thanksgiving, unpacking, and cleaning... We bought a forclosed house and it was pretty gross inside (mainly bathrooms).
My infant son Nathan had a routine 9 month visit with his pediatrician. That didn't go so well at all. You can read about that here. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers please. So researching that online occupied me for at least a week. I spent all my waking moments reading, reading, reading, and more reading. I stayed up late and woke up early. I had to know everything about everything!
Then we had more appointment which you can read about here.
Then my toddler had his party!!!!! YAY!!!! Stress leading up to that, and lots of cleaning and unpacking had to be done. And here we are now. Moved in, one son set up for surgery, another son turning two in two days and a tired and stressed out.

But I am back. And now I really hope to be able to bring you the good deals, the menu plans and whatever else you want to know!


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