Sunday, October 25, 2009

Menu Plan Monday- Spooky Edition

Halloween is this weekend so I thought I would attempt to do a Spooky Menu Plan Monday. I hope my family likes it and has a little fun with it this week. This will probably be the last Menu Plan Monday that I do for a couple of weeks. We are closing on our new house next Monday and then my husband leaves to play Sailor for a little longer than a week. When he is gone we usually just eat simple small meals. I really only make real dinners for him anyways. My toddler is too picky and usually never eats what I make. So this will be it for about two weeks! Wish me luck attempting to move my family. Good thing we aren't moving far!

Monday- Eyeball Taco Salad
Tuesday- Slithering Snakewich 
Wednesday- Leftovers
Thursday- Spaghetti Oozing Eyeballs

Friday- Ratloaf (meatloaf)

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