Monday, October 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 10/5

Oh man! Talk about a week! It has been so crazy here! The next thing I tell you will prove that it has been busy. You ready for this? It has been so busy that:
1. I haven't clipped my coupons from this past week! Shhh don't tell! I usually clip them every Sunday afternoon.
2. I didn't make a menu last week (total household destruction followed, more on that to follow) nor did I go grocery shopping!

Now maybe you are thinking, "well you must be sick or have sick kids." NOPE! Well maybe you are thinking "you had alot of important meetings and evening activites." NOPE! This week we found and signed a contract on our first house! And being that we weren't actively looking to buy a house, we had alot of things to do. So as of now, November 2nd will the next biggest day of our lives!

So what happened when I didn't plan our meals or go grocery shopping? Fast food. We ate out more this week than I would have liked. My goal was to eat some of the random foods in our cabinets and freezer, less in there is less I have to pack up and move. Also the reason I didn't go to the store was because my husbands work shift moved from mornings to overnight. If I'm going to go to the store with the kids, it's best to do in the morning when they are well rested and not cranky. Well Wednesday morning we were signing contracts, not grocery shopping. I figured we had enough food, we would make do. Again, failure. So this week I am making the plan now. I am going ot go to the grocery store tomorrow. No, it isn't double dollar coupon day but we really have nothing to eat. I'm going to get the food for the next two days and on Wednesday I will do the big grocery shopping with my menu. So here is what we are having this week.

Monday- Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon
Tuesday- Southwestern Soup

Wednesday- Fuss Free Ravioli and Cheese Bake
Thursday- Left overs
Friday- Chicken Wings


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