Monday, October 19, 2009

Menu plan monday 10/19

Wow, I'm a little late getting a menu up for today. With two weeks left until moving day, we are still working on clearing things from the cabinets.  I keep looking in one of our food cabinet and it is overflowing. But why can't I find anything to eat? After taking better inventory, I realized its all baking things! Duh! We can't eat bread crumbs and cornstarch for dinner! I can't wait until we move to our new house and finally get a pantry! So here is what I've come up with to eat this week. There is a lot of chicken on our menu this week because we have been without chicken for nearly two weeks now!!!! We ran out and I just never got back to Sam's Club to get another bag. But also I had a ton of beef and pork from when I got it on sale a few weeks back that needed to be eaten. I am making up for the lack of chicken this week! Here is what we are having.

Monday- Chicken, brown rice and peas
Tuesday- Tortellini soup
Wednesday- Pan fried chicken with cheesey potatoes
Thursday- Leftovers
Friday- hodge podge of clearing out the freezer, fridge and cabinets

More menu ideas can be found at Orgjunkie

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  1. Tasty Menu! Hey, sorry about the secret wait....I'm almost done writing it up...but being called away constantly by 3 year old...


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