Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Round 2 for today

I went regular grocery shopping at Farm Fresh today. On Wednesday they double $1 coupons. I went in with both kids in tow alone. Not nearly enough room for my toddler, the infant carrier, my coupon binder and the food. But all it takes is a little creativity and physics (I didn't do so well in the class, much better at it in real life!) to stack things under the basket and around the baby, he didn't mind playing with the box of crackers one bit! Since the farm fresh on Bridge road in suffolk VA price matches and accept Harris Teeter coupons, I made like a bandit. Total before my coupons was $55.64. After price matching, subtracting my Harris Teeter $20/$50 coupon and my regular coupons I spent............. $10.02! One of my products has a rebate on it so I will get 3.49 back. So really the total is $6.32. Here is what I got:


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