Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How did I get my grocerys and $40 worth of meat for $7?


I just returned from a great shopping trip at Farm Fresh! I didn't expect to walk out with fantastic savings since I really only needed some sausage and some stew beef for dinner this week. I was going to pick up a few little things too since I had coupons making them super cheap.

I saw in the ad this morning that there was a rebate for $20 when you buy $40 worth of meat from Miller/Coors beer company. (No alcohol purchase required) I decided to look ino it but I'm really clueless when it comes to cut of meat. I know stew beef and I know burger. Not to much more. I got some sausage and stew beef and some pork chops. I was already close to $20! In my mind I figured anything I buy after this will be free after the rebate. So, I decided to rack my brain of all the recipes I'd been looking at lately and buy whatever I remember seeing a recipe for. I ended up with $40.60 cents worth. I think it was around 13 pounds of meat.

By this time I had a screaming 6 month old and headed for the check-out. Our lovely cashier, April, was there. My toddler loves her and she is always super friendly. Since the Harris Teeter opened up around the corner, my Farm Fresh price matches and accepts their coupons. I priced match some ears of corn and the Lay's potato chips. Then she rang up the rest of my order. I gave her my coupons including a Harris Teeter $20 off a $50 purchase. My grand total was......

$27.93!!!! Don't forget I get $20 back from a mail in rebate from Miller! 


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  2. You are amazing! And inspirational!

  3. Way to go. That's a steal on meat!

  4. That's awesome! Do you know if that rebate is for your local area only? I'd love to get details on that if you don't mind sharing. I'm in the Cincinnati, OH area. Thanks!

  5. More that a Mom- That rebate happened awhile back. Keep an eye out in your grocery store flyers for rebates like these!


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