Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Harris Teeter Triples Trip 1 pic

I woke up bright and early this morning to go to Harris Teeter. I was determined I was goin gto be getting some paper towels TODAY! I was so tired of them being sold out. I knew the sale started at 7am and I wanted to check out at 7ish. I had to get back home to my babies before they woke up. (Baby woke daddy up before I got home, oh well I tried) I got there around 6:15am. Anyways, I was the only one in the entire store! No other couponers and no shoppers at all! It was great! They were stocking the shelves and everyone in the store was available to help me! I think I was asked at least a dozen times if I need help and another half dozen times they asked if I was still ok. I felt like when a celebrity gets to shop in a store before the public does.
However that does have it's drawbacks. Since I was the first person to use the triple coupons and other promos, there were some kinks to work out. They have a Green Giant promo going. If you buy 3 boxes you get $1 OYNO (off your next order), 4 boxes you get $2 OYNO, and 5+ boxes get $3 OYNO. I had bought 6 boxes and used 3 .50/2 coupons. Total for the 6 boxes of veggies was $1.50+ $3 back. Since the coupon didn't print the manager just gave me 3 dollars in cash.
On the plus side, I GOT MY PAPER TOWELS! Whew, just in time too. I was almost out! I was checking out around 7:20 just as planned and I finally started seeing the first couple coupon shoppers. I guess there are pros and cons of going early. I'll go early again next time but maybe not until around 7 next time.

Here is the picture of what I got.
3 rolls of Viva paper towels
3 Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaners
4 Mahatma Yellow Rice packs
2 1lb. bags of white rice
6 pouches of muffin mix
2 bags of plastic cups (kids have parties coming up)
2 boxes of Zatarains
1 box of Biter biscuits for Natey
6 boxes of frozen veggies
Total before discounts $71.87
Total amount of coupons used $48.99
Total paid out of pocket $9.03- $3.08 in cash back since the coupon didn't print
$5.95 total!
Works out to be less than .19 an item!

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