Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to all. Everyone who has the day off of work today, CONGRATS! I know my husband is happy to have the day off.

Happy Labor Day to the stay at home moms too. We might not get a paycheck for our work, but we really have important jobs!

When I first had my first baby, I didn't know how much work it really was to be a mom. When that first child popped out, I should have grown a couple extra arms to go with him. I really could use an extra appendage or two. those first couple of months were rough! I didn't know how to clean, cook, answer a phone, pay a bill and carry the baby all at the same time. By the time he was 5 months old things got better. I got better at multi-tasking and my head was finally on straight. HA! Not for long. Baby #2 was on his way. Oh great! Just when I thought I was good. I should have known when the second baby came a week early and I was only in labor for 2.5 hours that things were going to be hectic. Just going to the store was a job in itself! Trying to keep the toddler from playing with mulch, carrying a 20 pound infant carrier (not including the mini sumo wrestler with thunder thighs strapped inside), a diaper bag, a purse, the sippy cup that the toddler insists on having, the reusable bags, and trying not to be clumsy and trip down the steps was a job in itself.

Moms have a tough job juggling everything we do 24/7. So to you moms, Happy Labor Day! We really do have superpowers. Just not everyone sees them. I'd say take a day off work, but then the world would colapse. HAHA.Maybe not. Have a great day!


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