Saturday, July 31, 2010

Target Clearance!

Target is having their Toy Clearance sale going on right now! I've always been jealous of what some people find at their Targets while my Target has been picked over and has hardly anything good. Not today however! Today I scored what I think to be a jackpot! I picked up a birthday and a Christmas gift for Mr. Destructo today!

I found a V. Smile TV learning System originally $40 on sale for $10! The only thing I worry about this is that I won't be able to find extra cartridges since they have since come out with the V. Motion. But even if he only plays with whatever comes with it, then I think it will be just fine!

I also found a Fisher Price Computer Cool School. It was orignially $55 on sale for $13! Brian has shown an interest in my computer lately so I am hoping he will like this and leave my keyboard alone! This one was opened once, so I took it out during nap to make sure all was intact and played with it for a bit! He's gonna like it, I think.

 Head on out to Target and see what you can find, come back and tell me what you find!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

$1 off 1 Go-gurt Coupon

Here is a coupon for $1 off 1 box of Go-gurt! My kids love these and this is a great coupon! I see these on sale quite often. Grab your coupon before they are all gone!

Wordless Wednesday photo and video

Monday, July 26, 2010

Keeping the house cool is hard!

I absolutely, positively, hate strongly dislike (my momma taught me not to say hate) the 2 skylights we have in our living room! They have been trouble ever since we moved in! Starting with a leak the very first day we bought the house in the middle of the November Nor'easter. I hate them the most when it's incredibly hot (116!?) and the sun shines right down on this part of the roof. If I had my way I would take them out and install solar panels. It gets so much sun we could power the whole house. Anyways, back to what I'm trying to tell you.

We could have gotten some fancy skylight shades. They are remote controlled, fancy, pretty, oh and EXPENSIVE!!! At $148 for 1 that was NOT in our budget.

Here is our budget way to fix our skylight issues. We had to keep the heat and light out and we had to do it right that minute. There was no time (or money) to go get something fancy. Time to use whatever we had around to get the job done!

We had picked up some Reflectix at Lowes a few days back to put up in our attic. It looks and feels like a double layer of bubble wrap coated in foil on teh front and the back. It's light weight and flexible. It was about $15 for a roll. And we used a roll of duct tape, although foil tape would have been better. We used about half of the roll. It easily cut with a pair of scissors.

Hubby measured the length and the width of the skylight and cut the Reflectix to the right length. We had to tape two pieces together to get the right width.

Once we got it together it was just a matter of stuffing it up into the skylight. It only took a few minutes and we did it while we had two toddlers under foot. It was super easy!

Now our living room is actually cool and our AC can finally keep up again! It doesn't look pretty but it works! We'll take it down once the heat is gone and let the winter sun shine in.

$3 off Huggies Diaper coupon!

The $3 off Huggies diaper coupon has refreshed! Head over and print it quick! On the right side of the page there is a link that says "Huggies Coupon Savings" click that to go to the coupon directly!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Farm Fresh Doubles till Tuesday!

Farm Fresh is doing their Double Dollar coupon event from Sunday through Tuesday. All coupons up to and including $1 will double. Head on over to see Lori and The Coupon Consultant to get your matchups!

Organic Coupon Sites

Have you checked out these sites for Organic and healthy eating coupons? I know there are a ton more, but here are a few to get your started! Also, if you like a certain product, go to their website and see if they offer any coupons. You might be surprised how many of them do!

The Natural Food List

Whole Foods Market

Earth Fare

Mambo Sprouts

Health E-Savers

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Save money with the Farmer's Market

Today my family and I finally found a good Farmer's Market. We have been to a few the last couple of weeks but the prices were not what I expected and could get much better deals at the grocery store. I knew I must be doing something wrong. Where were all these good deals on veggies that everyone raves about? Today we found it! If you live locally, you should check out the Chesapeake City Park Farmer's Market! Let me show you what I got!

We got these 2 eggplants for .50 a piece!

We got 3 pounds of green beans for $2.
I let Mr. Destructo pick 1 cucumber and 1 squash. The cucumber was .50 and the squash was .33.
We also walked out with a 5 pound bag of red potatoes for $2.50.

We spent $6.75 total. If I hadn't already bought veggies from the grocery store on Wednesday I would have taken advantage of the 20 cent tomatoes and the cheap onions too!

So do you shop at the Farmer's Market? Whats your best score? We'll be going back next weekend! I can't wait to show you what I find!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Somedays feel like this

Somedays when Mr. Destructo is driving me crazy I feel like this is what I'm dealing with:
And Blue Eyes is just cute:

Monday, July 19, 2010

HURRY! Free batteries!

UPDATE: As of 1:55pm, the giveaway ended. That went very fast! I hope some of you were able to snatch this up!
Hurry over to the Energizer facebook page and sign up to receive 2 free Advanced Lithium batteries! Hurry, 1st 5,000!

Giveaway Scout

Got a giveaway going on? Looking to enter some giveaways?

I present to you, Giveaway Scout! They scan thousands of blogs and bring you the best giveaways around the blogosphere. They post the giveaways on facebook, twitter, their newsletter, and on their website! I'm going ot try it out and see how well it works! I've heard good things so far!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Juppy Baby Walker Review and Giveaway!

GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED! The lucky winner was #2. I have sent you an email! Reply soon please! (There were 4 entries that did not qualify.) 

Some of you may know that my little Blue Eyes has been a bit late on the whole walking thing. When we were given the chance to review the Juppy Baby Walker, I jumped at the chance!
The Juppy came in the mail a month or so ago. Blue Eyes had yet to take his first solo steps and he was nearly 15 months old, completely opposite of his big brother who walked at 9 months. We were on our way to physical therapy when the mail man handed it over and I couldn't wait to get back home to check it out! He's usually pretty worn out after therapy so I had to anxiously wait until the next day. In the mean time, I gave it the once over. We received the blue one, but it also comes in pink. It also comes with a little carry pouch! I like that the material on the outside is durable and the inside is soft. The only thing I didn't like about the material was that in the summer it's a bit warm. Not a problem! I can just throw it in the washer! Anything machine washable is great! I adjusted the straps to a good height and waited impatently for Blue Eyes to wake up.
(I guess when I get hubby to take a picture, I should make sure the background is picked up. lol)
When I finally got to put him in, I was impressed. It has a zipper in the front which made it was pretty easy to get on him. I had to adjust the strap a bit more and I found that easy to do while he was still inside. It fit him nicely even though he is a big boy. He didn't seem to mind being inside and I think he even liked it! In the past he wouldn't move unless someone was holding his hands or his shirt. THe Juppy Walker gave him that confidence that he didn't need someone's fingers to help him. It has definitely saved my back from having to bend over even just a bit. My husband likes it a lot too since he doesn't have to bend way down to hold his fingers.
We find the Juppy very convenient when we go on walks as a family together. Mr. Destructo gets to ride his bike and Blue Eyes get to practice walking! It's a win win for everyone!
Speaking of winning.... would you like to win one? The makers of the Juppy Baby Walker are giving away one walker to one of my readers!!! Whoo hoo! So here's what you need to do:

Giveaway will end on 7/23 at 11:59pm PST.
Mandatory Entry:
To enter just tell me how you heard about this giveaway! That's it! Pretty easy right?

I think you should also follow them on Twitter and Facebook. By following them there, you can stay up to date on the other giveaways going on just in case you don't win this one.

I also think you should follow my blog here, on Facebook and Twitter. It won't give you any extra entries, sorry. I like to keep my giveaways easy. To many issues with Facebook and contests.

Good luck! If you like this giveaway press the share button below and let your friends on Facebook have a chance to win one too!

Disclaimer: I was sent a Juppy Walker from the company for free. NO money was exchanged. All opinions are mine! Yours may differ.
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